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Live config

Live config lets you push state directly to your game from the Talo dashboard without needing to release an update.

Getting the live config

The live config needs to be fetched before it can be queried. To do this call Talo.GameConfig.Get(). This will invoke the Talo.GameConfig.OnLiveConfigLoaded() event that returns the newly initialised config.

You can fetch the game config any time to refresh the state.

Querying the live config

You can query properties of the config using Talo.LiveConfig.GetProp<T>(), for example if you wanted to get a boolean value:

var halloweenEventEnabled = Talo.LiveConfig.GetProp<bool>("halloweenEventEnabled");

Or a number:

var maxLevel = Talo.LiveConfig.GetProp<int>("maxLevel");

Example - polling the live config and updating the UI

You can attach this script to a TextMeshPro GameObject to update the text value every 2 seconds:

using UnityEngine;
using TaloGameServices;
using TMPro;

public class TextLoader : MonoBehaviour
void Start()
var textUI = GetComponent<TextMeshProUGUI>();

Talo.GameConfig.OnLiveConfigLoaded += (liveConfig) =>
textUI.text = liveConfig.GetProp("liveString", "Not set!");

InvokeRepeating("GetConfig", 0f, 2f);

async void GetConfig()
await Talo.GameConfig.Get();