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Import into Godot

Using the Asset Library

The Godot Asset Library is the recommended way to download Godot plugins. Open the AssetLib tab in Godot and search for "Talo". Click into the asset and click Download. Here's a direct link to the asset.

Downloading from

You can download the latest version of the Godot plugin from our page. Simply unzip the plugin and copy the addons/talo folder into your project.

Enable the plugin


After installing the plugin, you must enable it in the Project > Project Settings > Plugins window.

Generate an access key

Visit the Talo dashboard, login or create an account (and confirm your email address), and visit the Access Keys page.

Choose the scopes available to your access key (you'll need the read:players and write:players scope to use the plugin) and create your access key. Save your access key somewhere securely.

Create and update settings

The first time you run your game with the Talo plugin enabled, it'll create a settings.cfg inside the addons/talo folder. You can also create this file for yourself, the default file looks like this:


You can also add the following section for logging:




If you're self-hosting Talo, you can configure your custom endpoint here in the settings.cfg.