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Import into Unity

Open the Package Manager (under the Window tab) in Unity. Click the + dropdown, Add package from git URL… and enter the following path:


You can install any version (found on the releases page) by adding #version to the git URL, e.g.

This will add the latest stable release to your project. If you want to update your SDK, simply repeat the process.

Generate an access key

Visit the Talo dashboard, login or create an account (and confirm your email address), and visit the Access Keys page.

Choose the scopes available to your access key (you'll need the read:players and write:players scope to use the SDK) and create your access key. Save your access key somewhere securely.

Create a Talo asset

Once the package has been imported, right-click in your Resources folder, click Create > Talo > Settings Asset. Paste your newly-created access key into the access key field and you're ready to go.


Your settings asset must always be at the top-level in the Resources folder and named Talo Settings.


If you're self-hosting Talo, you can configure your custom endpoint here in the Settings Asset.