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Common errors

Missing authentication

401 Unauthorized

The Authorization header is required, with its value set to Bearer your-token.

Missing scopes

403 Forbidden - { message: 'Missing access key scope(s): [scopes]' }

This means your access key was not correctly set up for accessing a specific resource. Access key scopes cannot be updated so you should create a new key with the correct scopes and revoke the old key.

Generally, GET requests require read access, POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE requests require write access.

Missing parameters

400 Bad Request

When omitting a required parameter (e.g. a query key, body key or header), you'll usually receive a 400. Refer to the documentation for the API to make sure your request is correct.

The error object returned may be a single message (e.g. { message: Something went wrong }) or an error object, which includes a key for every invalid/missing key:

errors: {
events: ['events is missing from the request body']


429 Too Many Requests

Receiving this status means you've hit Talo's rate limit. You should aim to make less than 50 requests per second e.g. by batching events and player stat updates.